My name is Kina Gorska and I am the founder of Kina Ceramics studio, home of contemporary porcelain designs.


Artistic adventure started in my childhood. Earliest memories I remember are about playing with clay. When I was 6 years old, I had my first contact with this material. As a child, I used to spent every summer holiday with my siblings in the beautiful countryside of the lake district Mazury in Poland. I remember my dad mining clay for us from a small deposit that we found nearby our cottage. Playing for hours and creating simple dishes and figurines were childish fun, but it directed the subsequent course of my life. Soon after it became my passion and I've been following it since then. I studied ceramic at Academy of Art and Design in Wroclaw (Poland). During studies, I participated in student exchange in Turkey on ceramic faculty. I graduated with Master of Art degree specializing in Ceramic Design. My works were presented on several international exhibitions and symposiums including: Sankt Petersburg (Russia, 2011), Opishne (Ukraine, 2012) and Wroclaw Design Festival (Poland, 2014). With two other artists, we opened Porcelain Gallery NADO, which is a unique place on the map of Wroclaw in the revitalised area of Nadodrze.

Nowadays, I live and run ceramic studio and gallery in Oxford (UK). While enjoying spending time creating visually pleasing shapes, I tend to gravitate towards simple, clean and aesthetic forms combining them with shapes that already exist such as body-like parts or usable objects like spikes or faucets. The objects that seemingly can be unatractive are rediscovered to exist in new material and environment. My designs invite their users to play with them and find their extra function. Creative process starts with inspiration and ideas being transfered into sketches. The clay model comes into live later to give the idea physical 3D presence. As the clay model is not precise, it has to be recreated in plaster. Based on this model, the plaster mould is created. Then silky, liquid porcelain is poured in and out of the mould to give dish a shape. When it is dry, it goes through 3 firings: bisque firing, high firing and decorative firing. After the final firing, the product is ready to be used. Porcelain is very demanding material. It requires a lot of discipline, patience, time management and heart. Despite of these challenges, it has extraordinary qualities of pureness, ellegance and delicacy.

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